A meeting was held Assistant Returning Officers under chairmanship of General Observers and Police Observers appointed for Coimbatore district

Publish Date : 27/03/2024

General Observers appointed for Coimbatore District Dr. Vinod R Rao I.A.S., (Coimbatore), Thiru.Anurag Chowdhary I.A.S., (Pollachi), Police Observer Thiru.Manoj Kumar I.P.S., . A meeting was held with Assistant Returning Officers under chairmanship of Assistant Returning Officers. District Collector Thiru.Kranthi kumar Padi I.A.S., City Police Commissioner Thiru.V.Balakrishnan I.P.S., Pollachi Parliamentary Constituency Returning Officer / District Revenue Officer Dr.M.Sharmila, Corporation Commissioner Thiru.M.Sivaguru Prabhakaran, I.A.S., Additional Collector (Development) Tmt.Swetha Suman I.A.S., and Assistant Returning Officers participated in the meeting.(PDF 240KB)